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Titulo: 冒险岛之暗黑龙王死期
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Instrucciones: 冒险岛世界欢迎你。不败死神暗黑龙王出现,勇士们,打倒它还冒险世界一个安静吧。新职业双刀侠登场! a键使用大决。exp100时可以使用。 z键攻击 xcv键都是技能 del补血 end补魔 World in the adventure island you are welcome.Don't hurt Azrael a dark and black dragon king to appear, the warriors, knock down it still adventure one in the world be peaceful.The new occupation double knife Xia show up! A key the usage be definitely big.Exp 100 can usage. Z key attack All of the x key c key v keys are a technical ability The del increase the blood The end repair evil

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