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Boxing Clever Multiplayer Game
Titulo: Boxing Clever Multiplayer Game
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Categoria: Deportes, Estrategia, Pelea
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Instrucciones: BOXING CLEVER GAME RULES Objective : Your objective is to be the player that earns the most points (hits on your opponent) after seven rounds in the game. In order to do that you must select an offensive and a defensive move in each round. Your offensive move is matched to your opponent’s defensive one and your defensive move to your opponent’s offensive one. Points are awarded when you manage to hit your opponent (a hit) and no points are awarded when your opponents manages to block or avoid your offensive move (a miss). The offensive moves that can be played are Hook, Uppercut and Cross. The defensive moves that can be played are : Weave, Lower Forearm and Slip. A hit or a miss are determined by the following rules: A Hook can be successfully avoided by a Weave, An Uppercut can be blocked by a Lower Forearm and A Cross can be avoided by a Slip. In all other cases a hit is managed Please note that the Lower Forearm defensive move is presented as Forearm on the defensive move selection box. Sudden Death : If no player wins after the 7 rounds, a “Sudden Death” round starts, in which the players select an offensive and a defensive move each. The sudden death round ends only when one of the two players manages to hit the opponent and at the same time successfully defend against his/her opponent’s offensive move (effect a miss). Controls : The game is played by clicking on one of the three moves that appear in the offensive move selection box first (either hook, uppercut and cross) and one of the three moves that appear in the defensive move selection box second (either weave, forearm and slip). If you don’t select an area within 5 seconds, the system selects a random move for you. Score keeping : a)The points won (hits) are represented as red lights on the scoreboard and the misses are represented as a red light. The overall score is also presented as a number for example 1 – 0. b) Best of 3 or 5 matches option: In case this option has been selected when creating/joining the game, the winner is declared after the predetermined 3 or 5 matches are played. To win a “Best of 3” game you need to win 2 matches, while on a “Best of 5” game you need to win 3 matches. The matches you have won are represented as golden trophies on the scoreboard. Re - Match : If you want to challenge your opponent to a re-match, you can click on the “Request a re-match” button appearing at the end of the game. In case your opponent accepts, a game with the same settings is created. If you don’t propose a re-match or your opponent rejects your rematch, then both players are directed to the lobby at the end of the countdown. Quit : If you opt to quit the game at any moment, your opponent is automatically declared the winner and you lose the wager placed. Sound : You can turn the in-game sound effects and music on or off by clicking on the speaker icon at the lower right corner (next to the chat area).

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