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Kit de & el octopod
Titulo: Kit de & el octopod
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Categoria: Adventure
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Descripción: Help your new found friend The Octopod rescue the girl of his dreams from the evil Bad Mood Bear!Can you collect all 16 medals, rescue all hostages, return every chicken to its nest, defeat all enemies and conquer the Bad Mood Bear?
Instrucciones: Direcciones claves - movimiento espera hasta - ejecutar toque pared A - Punch & patada ataque mantenga A - llave ataque ataque + arriba - Hit arriba (bueno para pollos & enemigos) S - D saltar - lanzar Octopod D + arriba - Throw Octopod hacia arriba P - pausa
Controles: fuego = na; saltar = na; movimiento = ratón;

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