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Leyendas griegas: odisea el viaje
Titulo: Leyendas griegas: odisea el viaje
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Categoria: Education
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Descripción: Odysseus, the mastermind of the Mycenaeans, is longing for his wife, his son and his homeland. Leaving behind the once magnificent, now razed to the ground Troy, the chosen of the goddess Athena and his companions with their morale boosted by the great win in the Trojan war, set sails for their beloved island of Ithaca. But their journey back home is full of surprises and sorrow.Can you help Odysseus outsmart the King of Seas, Poseidon? Can you help him avoid mythical creatures like Scylla, Charybdis or the giant Polyphemus? Will you escort him to the underworld, on his search for answers from the dead? Are you the one that will stir his raft till he reaches Ithaca?Play Greek Legends : Odyssey the Journey and enjoy the longest adventure a man has ever had in order to return home. Odyssey the Journey is an easy and entertaining way to learn Homer’s Odyssey if you didn’t have the chance before or refresh your memory. Greek Legend series will be updated constantly with more questions, (although it already has more questions than any other quiz game) features and modes. We are looking forward to your feedback in order to make the series even better. Have fun and beware of the sirens’ song!
Instrucciones: Click on the correct answers.
Controles: fuego = na; saltar = na; movimiento = ratón;

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